Our Story

Our story is one of a family, not so much just a man named Jimmy...

Our family is tight, I mean, really tight. We play together, eat together, party together, quad together, camp together, celebrate together and of course, fish together.

When we all gather our immediate family count is 19. So no matter if we go out on a quad ride or sitting down for a meal to celebrate a birthday, a victory or a holiday, it's a full house and quite the site to see lemme tell ya and LOUD ha! If there isn't 5 conversations happening across the table or across the room, something doesn't feel right. I think the only thing that makes us quiet is when Ma & Pa put the food on the table and we start actually eating. It never lasts long though, there's always joking, laughing and puns flying across the table after about 5 minutes.

How did all this start?

In the summer of 2016, Jimmy and his youngest child, Andrea, were on their way to the lake to do some fishing with the family. They started talking about how much they all love to be together, go fishing and stay at the lake. They talked about all the great laughs they always have together. There was a silence for a moment, then Jimmy said to Andrea, "We should have our own fishing reel", "Ya, we should Pop. Let's do that!", said Andrea. When they got home from the lake, they got to work on the reel. Jimmy knows what he likes in a reel, so they started there. He knew he wanted to have a reel that most everyone could use; whether the person was big or small, young or old, avid or a weekend warrior. They also decided they wanted to make it available for everyone, they wanted to keep the quality high and the price reasonable. They went into manufacturing in the beginning of 2017. After what felt like a lifetime of waiting and anticipating, in May 2017, the reels landed on their doorstep.

So here we are! A brand new company...making it reel. (I told you we like puns)

Our mission is to provide fishing products and accessories that are of high quality, durable & affordable.