About the J2000

Featuring a stylish design, we've put our heart and souls into  creating a great product that we love and wanted to share with the  world.

  • The J2000 Spinning Reel offers reeling power to pull in that  perfect size fish and, as Jimmy would say, a "smooth-like-silk" feel.
  •   Great for small & large mouth bass, walleye, pike, perch, croppy, you name it, it’ll catch it! (Well, okay, maybe not a marlin)
  •   The ultra-thin body design with 11 high quality metallic ball  bearings will give you smooth, dependable, silent performance.
  •   We don’t like a tangled line, and neither do you; so we added that feature too.
  •   The J2000 Spinning Reel is light, smooth & powerful. Its  light weight will offer you easy throwing and super sensitivity!

Online purchasing will be available now at Amazon.ca

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